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Distribution List Manager Add-In for Microsoft® Outlook®
For Outlook 2013 | 2010 | 2007 | 2003 | 2002 | 2000 SKU: A23481

  • Easily create distribution lists from emails you receive
  • See which distribution lists a particular contact belongs to
  • Ability to perform backup and restore
Price: $29.95
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 Product Description

Wouldn't it be great if when you're reading an email, you could click just one button and have all the email addresses in that email be added to a single distribution list? Well now you can with the Distribution List Manager for Outlook. It picks up where Outlook leaves off - providing you with quicker, simpler and more powerful distribution list management functions to keep you concentrating on what you need to do instead of on the tedious chores of maintaining distribution lists.

In addition, you can see at a glance the membership lists of each contact. This add-in also shows you which distribution lists the contact belongs to, which means no more guessing which distribution lists the contact is a member of. You can easily add and remove the contact from all your distribution lists. In addition, it will prompt you when you delete the contact, asking you if you'd like to remove the contact from all the distribution lists to which they belong. Nothing could be simpler.

 Features and Benefits

Features of the Distribution List Manager add-in include: Screenshot of Distribution List Manager Outlook Add-In - click to enlarge
  • Create distribution lists from many emails all at once or from a single email with a lot of addresses (or anything in between)
  • Works with To, CC (carbon copy), and From recipients when adding distribution list members from emails
  • Easily add to existing lists or create a new list each time you add a member
  • Shows the current count of members of your distribution lists before you add the new member
  • Warns you when you approach or exceed the (customizable) Outlook distribution list limit
  • Optionally choose to create distribution lists directly from contacts view, including By Category view
  • When you delete a contact, it automatically asks you if you'd like to remove the contact from any distribution lists it's currently on
  • Can perform an "Update Now" on all distribution lists that a contact belongs to with one click for easy email address change maintenance
  • Provides an info button on your Outlook toolbar that shows the current count of members, when the list was created and when it was last modified
  • Makes backups of all your distribution lists with the click of a single button
  • Integrates directly into Outlook for easy access
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook 2013 and 2010 (both 64-bit and 32-bit), Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2000
  • Avoids the Outlook security prompts so you won't get those nagging security prompts
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Note: Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you may want to check out our other add-in, Send Individually. It allows you to send an email to people one at a time, regardless of whether they are in distribution lists or not.


And here's what our customers have to say:

"You have really done a great job on the Distribution List Manager. I used to be so frustrated by Outlooks limitations in this area. In my role I need the ability to touch my customers with updated product information or technical updates and this product will really help me to decrease the tedium that it normally took me to maintain my customer distribution lists."
- Robert Koonts, Verizon Wireless

"Your Distribution List Manager works great. I will definitely recommend it to my clients."
- William J Salas, Sligo Steel

 Support Info

Sperry Software is dedicated to providing first class support. Two years of upgrades and support are provided with every add-in purchase. We're also on Facebook, LinkedIn, and you can read our Blog.
Download a free 14 day trial to get started. Download Trial

 Version Info

Current Version:4.1
Download Size:8 MB
View Distribution List Manager Help File
Release Notes
4.1Added support for Windows 8.
4.0Added support for Windows 7, Outlook 2010 64-bit and Outlook 2010 32-bit.
1.0.83The exclusion list now holds it's data when you exit and come back in (note: it always held, it just didn't display).
1.0.57Added a counter so you can see the progress as the recipients (or contacts) are added to the list. This counter is only visible if you are adding more than 100 recipients or contacts at once.
1.0.38"Didn't exclude names properly if there's only one email address to exclude and there's a trailing ""; "" present in the configuration window (minor fix). ."
1.0.35Improved the help engine.
1.0.30Upgraded to work with the newest version of the Microsoft® runtimes (Visual Studio® Service Pack 6).
1.0.26Corrected a problem when closing with no visible inspector.
1.0.25Added the ability to make backups easily.
1.0.20Added a button when viewing individual distribution lists that allows you to see how many members are on the list.
1.0.12Released to the public.
1.0.11Released to beta testers.

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